The Messiah Tension

crossroads-sermon-iconYesterday, we concluded the Crossroads series with a message entitled, “The Messiah Tension.”  Many people are confused really if Jesus meets the qualifications of the long-awaited Messiah.  I talked about three major objections to Jesus in my message before getting to the real objection.

The real objection to following Jesus for many people is they simply don’t want to follow him.  The more you investigate Christ and his claims, the more you will see that he is who he says he is.  But if Jesus is God, everything changes from now on.  You can listen to the message here.  If you are wanting some of the notes, I have posted my notes from the message here.

The Fusion/D-Now/Submerge band led us in worship yesterday, and they did a fantastic job.  I am so honored to see college students who love the Lord so much and are so talented yet they have their hearts right concerning worship.

They led these songs:

  • Happy Day – Tim Hughes
  • You Deserve – Hillsong
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • Jesus Paid it All – Kristain Stanfill

Next week, we are starting a new series called GRACE which will lead us through Easter.  If you ever wanted to make sure you understood what it meant to be a Christian, you don’t want to miss a week.  By the time this series is over, you will not only be able to be sure of your own salvation, but you will feel comfortable in sharing with others what it means to be a Christian.  See you next week!