New Song Sunday: High and Lifted Up

This Sunday, we will be doing a new song for our congregation that I am very excited about.  The song is from Hillsong entitled “High and Lifted Up.”

The first time I heard this song was last year riding on my lawn mower listening to my iPod.  I almost had to pull the lawn mower over and park it because I just couldn’t help but worship along with it.  Worshiping and lawn mowing is a dangerous combination for me cause I tend to get a little physical with my praise at times.  Also, my neighbors behind me through the woods have said they have heard me singing over the lawn mower before, so I try to contain myself.  I try…

This song is one of those songs which makes a gallant effort at truly displaying the majesty of Jesus.  You can’t sing this song quietly.  It’s got to be big!

I have been praying this song will lead our church to the throne this Sunday.  One thing, I love to let ladies take the lead in songs.  While our ladies sing beautifully, ladies are normally the people in a church that sing out the most anyway.  Most worship songs today are written by men for men with high voices.  Those types of songs leave women and lower voiced men out of the loop.  So ladies, I want to hear you singing out this Sunday!

If you are going to be at North Side Sunday, here is a video that you can practice singing along to so that you can really get after it this Sunday: