True Love Waits: The Isothermal Edition


Last night I was honored to speak at Isothermal Community College in Shelby, NC.  Over 25 churches worked together to do a community True Love Waits rally and rented out the beautiful facilities at the Foundation.  I was blown away to see how these churches of the same community worked together to reach their students.

The worship band from Element Church led in worship, and a bunch of local youth ministers and pastors had taught breakout sessions all week long on the issues relating to purity.

My message was basically chapter 5 from the upcoming Freshman 15.  The students were so responsive and very attentive.  At the end of the night, watching all of these students and parents commit to purity was really moving.  I was honored to be a part of that night.

I also took my entourage with me.  Having CA, Alex, Jordan, and OG go with me was the highlight for sure.  We had a blast on the way up there and back, they prayed for me before, and sounded like a 100 person entourage cheering for me when I came out on stage.  The only thing that had me worried as they sat on the balcony was OG was getting so passionate in his worship, I thought he was going to fall over the balcony railing!

Great night – pray that those commitments will go a long way!