Bad Church Sign of the Week: 4 Mile

This week’s bad church sign of the week is due to inconsistent communication.

The sign reads:

“Four Mile Baptist Church: 2 Miles”

I don’t know why this church is called Four Mile, but it is only 2 miles away.  The communication is very confusing.  Is this like the narrow road and there is a riddle to figure out to find the church?

Seriously speaking, churches do need to focus on clear communication.  This morning in staff meeting, Ken talked about the need to have clear communication with our congregation.  Dr. Lawless who does church consultations told me that every church he has ever consulted with always have people say that the communication needs work.  Regardless of size or structure, every church thinks they need a better job at communicating.

At North Side, we try to communicate through the Compass, sermon notes, iNSide North Side, the website, and so much more.  We’re going to constantly work on our communication delivery because we want you to know what’s really going on inside North Side.