Bad Church Sign of the Week: Awakening the Goddess

This week’s bad church sign states:




  1. If it is a women’s group, are all truly welcome?  Can men come to this women’s group?
  2. Which goddess needs to be awoken?

I am kind of frightened to understand what type of church is on up this road.  Many people have stopped focusing on the God who has already awake to awakening something in ourselves that simply isn’t there.  If we could awake some type of the divine within our ownselves, we wouldn’t need Jesus.

That’s why I can’t stand seeing the “Self-Help” section in Christian bookstores.  Self-help?!  Self is what got me in the mess I am in in the first place.  The only help we can have is through Christ.  The only thing I want to awake is my own need of him!