The Greatest Need for Leaders

Due to the reading on leadership and time of self-reflection, I have identified some areas in which I need to change concerning my own leadership skills.

First, I must constantly develop my own personal relationship with Jesus.  In order for me to leave a legacy to my family and my congregation, I need to ensure that my personal relationship with Jesus is the closest relationship in which I am involved.  By nurturing that relationship, all other relationships benefit.  By developing more Christlikeness, his ministry through me is more effective than what I could do on my own.

Some times leaders can get so busy doing things for Jesus that they completely miss Jesus in the process.

How is your own walk with Jesus going right now?

No matter how much you try to improve yourself, if you are disconnected from the vine (John 15:5), you are useless.

Tim Elmore shares the principle of “The Starving Baker” in his first volume of Habitudes.

“We’re too busy providing bread for others to eat.

It is the number one occupational hazard of Christian leadership. As a spiritual “baker,” our life can become so consumed with “baking bread” for others that we don’t have time or desire to feed ourselves. We begin to replace personal quiet time with God with preparation for Bible studies, worship times, or other programs. The short-term result is that we feed others while starving ourselves. We read for program not for personal growth. The long-term result is we become so spiritually deficient that we lose the ability to even feed other people.”

So how well nourished are you?