What About Prodigal Kids with Parents Who Did It Right?

Through this sermon series at church, there are more questions asked then we are able to answer.  There are so many possible situations with homes, there is no way to possibly address them all?

But what about prodigal kids who had parents who did everything right? This is a common question that I thought I could address today.  In relation to parents who try to raise godly kids but they walk away from God, here are some things to think about:

  1. It ain’t over.  Just because your children are walking away from God doesn’t mean their story has to end that way.  If you see they are walking away, you step up your attempts rather than slow them down.  God still desires your child to get right with him, don’t give up!
  2. This scenario is the minority.  While I know this happens, this situation is not the norm.  Most kids who walk away from God are those who had examples of parents walking away from God.  While this is the minority, it leads me to the next thought:
  3. Do you think you would have a better chance at the alternative? If you are worried about living godly before your kids and afraid of them choosing a different path, should you decide to live ungodly before them in hope that they will go against your model?

While this does happen, the best chance is to still live godly before your children.  Don’t give up.  No matter what your children’s age, no matter your past, no matter your present circumstance, keep on keeping on!

1 thought on “What About Prodigal Kids with Parents Who Did It Right?”

  1. Let’s always remember that we are in a battle, and while the enemy may appear to win a skirmish the outcome of the war has already been decided. We have a role and responsibility as parents to continue to pray and thank God for the outcome before we see it manifested. That is what faith is: knowing (not just believing) that what God said will come to pass. He is in control!

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