Bad Church Sign of the Week: All Dogs Go to Heaven

This week’s bad church sign is actually a sign war between a Catholic Church and a Presbyterian Church.  Supposedly, these churches are across the street from each other and decided to engage in this battle over the souls of dogs, but it most likely someone doing this on the computer to make a funny.  It worked.


8 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign of the Week: All Dogs Go to Heaven”

  1. I have the answer for both churches.

    First, no one knows what God has planned for our pets. No one has confirmed a pet does not have a soul/spirit that will be excluded from heaven.

    2) God is Loving, Gracious and Compassionate. He knows the love we have for the pets He has given us. He will most likely bring them to heaven to be with us.

    3) The Presb. church has forgotten that there are animals in heaven, in Paradise.
    a) Angels were seen on hillsides with chariots. Who pulled the chariots? Horses!
    b) These angels, chariots and horses were not seen until God opened the “blind” eyes of the one who saw them.
    c) In the End Times, Revelation states Jesus will come riding on a horse.

    4) Heaven is described in many ways. One description is a place where there is no sin. Adam and Eve were in “paradise” in the Garden of Eden where there was no sin. Animals were there,created by God.

    5) THE ROCK. There are no rocks in heaven? Jesus is described as our Rock, the Rock of our Salvation. Case closed.

  2. PS. If there are no rocks in heaven, where did the gold come from, of which our crowns will be made? If there is a temple in heaven that will come down to the new earth, then it reasonable to say it already exists where Jesus sits on His Throne.

    Gold and great jewels were seen in a vision by the Apostle John when God was revealing heaven to John.

  3. I can see there being animals during the millennial reign because of several scriptures eg. the child sat at the hole of the asp and no harm came. I can see that God has uses for some types of animals by the description of the Apocalypse. However, I find it interesting that when people think of heaven they think of it being a place where they will find pleasure in the types of earthly things we find pleasure in now, like it is especially designed for our pleasure or something. God created us in His own image and He desires to care for things, His children. So, we desire also to have things to care for, sort of in our nature isn’t it? We have animals and others to care for here. In heaven after the marriage supper, we will be totally devoted to worshiping and serving our Savior. Will we have a need or desire to worship or serve anything else? Or for that matter to have it worship us, as a devoted dog would do? I really doubt that we will be focused on anything but Him. Since all sorrows are washed away never to be thought of again, then we won’t miss our pets at all anyway or even remember them.

  4. Right Jerrilynn we are nothing less or more than any other creature/animal so why would God treat us differently than other animals? Trick question he doesn’t. God loves every single one of his creations no matter how much sin, what we are like or what we have done in the past. And remember lol the sign even said its not a debate so why is there even a web page about it?

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