10 Reasons I’m Excited About Submerge 09

Submerge 09 starts next week on Friday; our staff leaves on Thursday to set up.  Here are 10 reasons I’m excited about Submerge 09:

  1. It will be warm enough to go to the beach this year (versus last year’s Spring Break feeling like Winter Break).
  2. Due to the summer time, we have a great representation from churches with different Spring Breaks (they couldn’t come last year, but they can come to this summer’s edition).
  3. The small group lessons and quiet times are fantastic – Submerge interns knocked it out!
  4. Obie is going to the beach for the first time!
  5. The theme “Confessions” came together late but very nicely – God was surely leading us there.
  6. We won’t be in a parking garage this year for worship, but on the third floor room overlooking the beach.
  7. Our Submerge staff and the Submerge band are going to tear it up.
  8. I am so happy about uniting with friends from all over the state who love Jesus and students.
  9. God has given me some pivotal directions for the messages for the week.
  10. Jesus is going to change some lives!

I could list more and more!  I can’t wait for Submerge 09!