Multiplying Leaders

Any leader needs to be intentional about developing the leaders around them.

Due to fear and apprehension concerning delegation, some leaders fail to prepare clear guidelines for projects that they could accomplish.  I have lost time and wasted opportunities due to my unwillingness to delegate in the past.

In the last few weeks, I have spent the majority of Mondays investing in and delegating to my team.  On Mondays, the only closure I really receive is committing tasks into their hands.

Since I have begun this process, I have seen a greater amount of progress for our entire team.  While I am still meeting with other team members on Monday, the ministry I am leading is making progress through these other leaders whom are actively producing great ministry results with the assistance of my prior direction.  By intentionally taking the time to delegate properly, my personal ministry is seeing multiplication of fruit rather than simple addition.

If all we do is work on our strengths, our ministry die with us.

If we multiply ourselves in others, our ministry will live longer than our own tenure.