“Can I Get a Divorce?”

Slow Fade BackWall.005

As we continued in the “You Asked for It” series today, we addressed this question from the blog: “Can I Get a Divorce?”  This post was one of the most repeated on the blog.

Homosexuality last week, divorce and remarriage this week, wow, I’m glad we are addressing the easy ones…

Jeff did an unbelievably good job at addressing the majority of biblical texts on divorce.  My hand hurt from flipping through the text so much, but it was needed to see the big picture of God’s stance on divorce and remarriage.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, you need to listen to it.

A message like this causes sometimes even more questions.  I know Jeff prayed and studied an extra ton for this message so that people hear God’s heart on the issue.  If you have questions still, don’t be afraid to go to God’s Word for help.

His ending was great.  He spoke to single, divorced, and married and gave them clear direction.  Hopefully, you walked away with a better understanding of how serious God takes marriage.

Today, we worshiped to:

  • Happy Day – Tim Hughes Tim Hughes - Holding Nothing Back - Happy Day
  • All Things New – Travis Agnew North Side Worship - The Time Is Now - All Things New
  • Slow Fade – Mark Hall Casting Crowns - The Altar and the Door - Slow Fade
  • Your Home – Travis Agnew North Side Worship - The Time Is Now - Your Home

Doing the song, “Slow Fade,” I had planned on using the full band, but when I looked at the lyrics, I just didn’t want to lose the meaning in the song with too much music.  So I stripped it down to hopefully have people focus on the words and the statistics on the back wall (seen above).  Regardless of where you are, cherish the marital vows.  Don’t fade slowly, work at your marriage everyday.  It is a precious gift, and God takes it very serious.

See you next week.