Uncle Trav

I posted some pictures on Facebook and sent some Tweets last week updating everyone on the status of my sister and her baby, but I haven’t had time to post some stuff here.  So…

My sister, Tara, and her husband Richard had a precious baby, Harper Elizabeth, who was born on Thursday @ 1:40 in Charlotte.  She was 7 lbs 15 oz.  Tara was scheduled to be induced on Thursday morning, but she woke up having contractions.  Harper was born on her mother’s birthday (there’s a 0.02% chance of that happening)!  She already loves her Uncle Trav.  She loves Aunt Amanda and Obie too (even though I told Amanda that saying Aunt Amanda is difficult phonetically and her name would probably be graduated to Auntmanda pretty soon).

We got to love on Harper a bunch.  I also got to spend about three days in the waiting room with Obadiah.  While that may seem like torture for many of you trying to care for a fourteen month old locked in a waiting room, it actually was great.  We had a blast!  I know he can’t quite understand what I am saying, but I told him over and over how proud I was of how nice he was to his first cousin and well he was behaving.  He got to know the entire nursing staff – he was a hit.

Anyway, my beautiful niece misses me already, and I am hoping to see her again soon (Psalm 127:3).

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  1. Harper definitely loves her Uncle Trav! Thanks for such a sweet post about a wonderful time for our family. It’s very special to be able to share this experience with your “little” (6’4″) brother and his family!

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