Is Social Drinking OK?

With Jeff on vacation this week, I had the privilege of handling another volatile topic in our “You Asked for It” series – “Is Social Drinking OK?”  I prayed that the message would cause everyone to at least reconsider casually addressing this subject.  I pray that every person at North Side will truly seek God’s Word and seek God through prayer to see how to handle this serious subject.

Main three questions of the day after the message:

  1. “Where did you get the alcohol?”  That question alone shows again that we have a different standard for ministers above Christians in general – that is wrong.  If it’s wrong for me, then it’s wrong for you.  I actually bought the alcohol.  I was careful that there was only one person in the store.  I actually asked him if I could return it tomorrow since I wasn’t going to drink it but just needed it for a sermon illustration.  He said no.  And no, church funds were not used in the purchase.
  2. “Where can I get more info on this topic?”  I got most of my material today from my book I wrote, Freshman 15.  Due to time, I couldn’t get into everything there in chapter six, but it is available for people who aren’t even college students if you want to know a bunch more Scripture passages that deal with the subject.
  3. “I need help.”  If you are beyond social drinking and wonder if you are addicted (which is a good sign you might be), don’t fight this battle alone.  Get some help.  Celebrate Recovery is a great place to start for those addicted or those living with someone who has an addiction.

Today’s worship set:

  • Marvelous Light – Christy Nockels Version Christy Nockels - Life Light Up - Marvelous Light
  • Make Me Holy – Travis Agnew North Side Worship - The Time Is Now - Make Me Holy
  • High and Lifted Up – Hillsong Hillsong - This Is Our God - High and Lifted Up
  • Made Me Glad – Hillsong (North Side Version) North Side Worship - The Time Is Now - Made Me Glad

I think I worked myself out of a job this week.  Since I was preaching, I decided to let a female ensemble lead the worship and they did unbelievable.  I think it was hard for many people to sing along because you just wanted to listen to their voices!  Amanda, Amy, Peggy, and Jodie – you ladies were wonderful!  You not only sang beautifully, you did lead in worship – incredible time!

Two more weeks of “You Asked for It” left!

If you haven’t checked out the new site, go check it out!

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  1. Travis thank you for the great job on such a controversial topic! I always am asked or told about Jesus turning water into wine so it is OK to drink. Thanks for the new reference material. By the way, I really enjoyed the ladies – you know I am always wanting to her Amanda sing. Good Job again Trav

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