You need to make plans to come out to North Side’s Chapel tonight @ 6pm.  Cornel and Duncan, friends of North Side mission teams, will be joining us all the way from Nairobi, Kenya to share a special message.

Cornel Onyango and Duncan Kimani, African Co-Directors of CARE for AIDS, have traveled from Nairobi Kenya to share the vision of CARE for AIDS. They are going to tell of their own experiences with the AIDS crisis that has hit sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of their leadership, more than 300 HIV-infected individuals and their families have received life-changing care on a physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and economic level. Our teams that have traveled to Kenya have worked with Duncan in Nairobi. Please come out and support their ministry and hear their powerful message!

Come learn their story, hear about their ministry, and hear how you can be involved!

More info here.