Godly Homes Not by Accident

100_2388I have many areas in which I need to improve.  One of the most critical that I always must work on is my role in the home.  I must continually develop my leadership within my home so that my wife and child receive the best that I have to offer.

Due to my great ambition for the ministry, I could easily neglect my family.  If I apply these leadership lessons to the home as well as the church, I will also see greater impact for the Kingdom stemming from my home.

If I intentionally mentored my child, he would have a greater opportunity to impact the world a step ahead of me when I entered the ministry.  If I intentionally provide ways for them to serve in ministry contexts, I will allow them to develop a heart and a passion for dedicated service.  If I lovingly confront their character or shortcomings, I will provide a training ground for their discipleship.  If I allow them to take the lead in family discipleship times, their initial meager attempts will turn into seasoned powerful offerings to God.

To serve truly within my home, I must maintain intentionality.  Change doesn’t happen in the home by accident, we must decide to make our families a priority.