Do Baptists Believe in Healing?


“Sometimes I think when we are sick we are more concerned about healing than we are about the glory of God.” -Jeff Lethco

That statement was taken from Jeff’s message today on “Do Baptists believe in healing?” as we continued through our “You Asked for It” series.  Jeff did a great job going through the Scriptures.  He showed that nowhere in Scripture does it say that healing has ceased.  He also pointed out that not everyone in Scripture was healed.  The message was great – you need to listen to it.

“Yes, I believe he can heal me, but even if he doesn’t, I’m not bowing my knee to anyone else.”

Today, we worshiped to:

  • Not to Us – Chris Tomlin  Chris Tomlin - Not to Us - Not to Us
  • Here is Our King (tag) – David Crowder Band  David Crowder Band - A Collision - Here Is Our King
  • Glory to God Forever – Fee  Fee - Glory to God Forever - Single - Glory to God Forever
  • You are Holy (Isaiah 6) – Christ for the Nations  Christ for the Nations Music - Perfect Love (Live) - You Are Holy
  • Holy, Holy, Holy – Traditional (Agnew arrangement)  Steven Curtis Chapman - Amazing Grace - Holy, Holy, Holy

I loved hearing everyone sing out today – it was just a powerful of worshiping a holy God and giving him glory!  Looking forward to finishing up this series next week where we will talk about…you didn’t think I would give it away, would you?

3 thoughts on “Do Baptists Believe in Healing?”

  1. I’ll have to listen to this when I can this week. I would say I have always believed that God still heals. But until early summer I had not seen it so miraculously as we did with our third son, Luke. He was found at the bottom of a swimming pool, pulled out unconscious, not breathing. Today he is a living, breathing testament of what God can do! I am still praising Him and hope I will not forget what the Great Physician did for my family!

    • I am glad that your son is alive. I believe in healing too. I am Pentecostal, My wife was sick, and we had probably a hundred people that have faith and believed that she would be healed, but she died on April 4th, 2016. She was a wonderful lady, she had a gift, and she could find people in need in any crowd, she led many to Christ and helped many be restored, and gave and gave and gave, all that she ever made she gave away. If anyone will be in Heaven she will. I know I learned a lot by being married to her those three years and four days. God took her. I was told by a very big healing ministry that someone did not have faith or she would not have died, but they are wrong, the faith was there, the prayers of agreement, all of it, but God does take people sometimes, no matter how many pray. Unless He raises her from the dead, she is gone. She will certainly be raised at the resurection.

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