Upcoming Sermon Series

The “You Asked for It” series has been unbelievable this summer.  Many churches talk about a loss of corporate momentum through a summer slump as attendance varies from week to week, and people’s interest just seems to wane.  Having our church members submit their questions through the blog and be answered from the pulpit has definitely kept people perked up.  Every week, people have hounded me with questions concerning what’s the question for the upcoming Sunday.  We have one more Sunday left in this series, and we won’t be able to answer every question submitted.

We are going to address some of them soon.  I am pretty excited about the upcoming series.  The “Checkup” series next is going to be a great internal audit into our spiritual conditions.  After that, we are going to address two of the major issues with a whole series:

  • It’s the End of the World As We Know It – In September, we are going to do a series on the end times.  A lot of people have a lot of questions, and the state of the world is speeding up those questions.  If you’ve ever felt lost, confused, excited, or apathetic towards the end of the world, we are going to take a trip through Revelation that is sure to get you ready!
  • The Elephant in the Pew – I’ve posted on this one before, but in October, we are going to confront the sins in the church that no one wants to talk about: addiction, adultery, pornography, and prejudice.  We are talking with other churches who are going to join us in this initiative too!

I think these series – compiled in one Compass – is going to be a impacting two months.  Begin to pray for these series.  We are hoping to see major life change in the Fall!