What’s Big in the Works?

Photo 6A lot of exciting stuff is going on in my world right now.  Very exciting times with some things coming to a close and other things just beginning.  Thought I’d give you an update on some of them:

  • Light at the End of the Seminary Tunnel – My approved draft of my dissertation is due September 1 to graduate in December.  While that date should freak me out, I’m actually in a good place right now.  I am waiting for my advisor to get his revisions back to me before sending off another attempt.  Getting close with completing this labor of love!
  • Triathlon Training – Shock.  Awe.  I know.  With seminary winding down, I have something that I haven’t had in a long time: free time.  Since most of my free time over the last couple of years has been spent in front of a computer typing or reading, its been great to work out and try and get back in shape.  It started as a joke or a dare, but I started a six week triathlon training last week and stuck to it and loved it.  Saturday, I biked 4 miles to the YMCA, swam six laps, then biked for another 13.2 miles – I was shocked to drive around and see how long I had actually gone!  This morning started week 2 where I biked for an hour and swam for thirty minutes.  I don’t have a particular triathlon in mind, just a goal and variety has helped my work out a ton.
  • Quiet Time Revamp – I have been doing the same thing for too long.  If I approached my time with my wife the way I did time with God, my marriage would be in trouble.  I have found that I was stuck in a routine.  So last Sunday night, I planned out all of my quiet times.  Monday – I focused on Scripture in Compass reading; Tuesday – worship, Scripture, prayer; Wednesday – Scripture memorization; Thursday – worship, Scripture, prayer; Friday – Scripture; Saturday – outside time in prayer.  Only one week under my belt, but it has been fantastic!
  • Christmas Album Time – Working with Anthony on pre-production on the NS Christmas album.  Jamie and I will go in the studio in the next few days to start laying the thunder down on five tracks.  It’s gonna have some really nice moments on there!
  • Creative Coaching – Been able to work with Carlos Whittaker as of late – he is the Service Programming Director for Buckhead Church and helps Andy Stanley craft his messages.  Yeah…stretching…I have really been praying and thinking of how to improve our worship services around here.  Pretty great stuff I think.
  • Emerald City Worship – Planning an uptown worship event for September where we will get churches together and have an extended time of worship and meet some practical need in the community.  Stay tuned!
  • Website – Still making some tweaks to the website, but I have heard some great comments thus far!
  • Pure Life – Third Sunday of October, we are going to host an event that equips people to maintain purity in an impure world.  Focusing on helping people stay clear of pornography, this event will feature a breakout session to help parents who have kids who are smarter on the computer than they are!
  • College Ministry – Pretty neat ideas at how North Side can minister to college students this year.  More to come.
  • No Time Like Family Time – You might get tired of hearing about it, but I love family time.  Amanda and I have made sure we are making this time priority, and I can’t think of better people to spend with than Amanda and Obadiah!  A single guy laughed at me the other week and said I was “such a family man” now almost in an insulting way like life was over.  I only wish he knew how bad he should envy me.  Life is getting better all the time.