Volatile Work Environments

Have you ever worked in a volatile work environment?

I recently talked with a friend who was in this situation.  How do you handle it?  You can’t be responsible for what others do, but you can be responsible for how your respond.

I strive to maintain consistency within my personal relationships, because I have been close to people whose personalities were volatile.  I witnessed the damage that can be done by inconsistent people whom leave people anxious to see which type of mood they will be in.

Seeing the baggage of broken relationships and distorted levels of trust between coworkers, family, and friends, I have intentionally paced myself to be consistently even-tempered. It’s not easy.  Sometimes you have to pray to God to give you patience and give it to you now!

I never want a coworker or a volunteer to be afraid to approach me with a concern or a question.

In an attempt to “be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger” (Jas 1:19), I hope to help create a healthy work environment where people can view me as a consistent coworker in whom they can confide, share, or vent.

Even if you are in a volatile work environment, are you doing your part to make it better?