4 Things All Employees Need from Their Bosses

Many people grow weary of a leader not due to a character flaw but a competency flaw. If you are a supervisor to anyone, I would ask that you consider what could be done through your church if you took this aspect of your job seriously.

Your 9 to 5 for the Kingdom of God

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 – Even in light of Christ’s imminent return, we should not quit our jobs and cease providing value to our communities. God expects us to remain productive and ensure that our jobs are an outlet for ministry rather than an obstruction.

Leaving Your Work (At Work)

With the rise of technology, we have learned that you never really have to leave work. You are a simple laptop away from robust apps or a phone away from your emails or a cloud away from all your files. But with the inability to clock out, our souls and families suffer. It’s time to go the second mile in leaving your work at work.

Restoring the Dignity of Work

God has designed us to use our gifts to accomplish good things for the benefit of our families and others around us. To see all people succeed, we need to restore the dignity of work in our lives and the lives of others.