On the Clock

On the Clock (Titus 2:9-10) – While we are on the clock vocationally, we are also on the clock missionally.  Even if your …


My New Job

I woke up at my normal time today.  I walked into the same office.  But I have a very different …


What’s “Worse” Than an Unbeliever?

“Blessed are the breadwinners. As men, we should consider it an honor to embrace our role as the primary providers of our families. This is part of our manhood and calling as representatives of God the Father — the One who established work as part of His creation and is still ‘working‘ (John 5:17) as an example for us to follow, continually providing for our daily needs” (From The Resolution, page 157).

Whether you love your job or hate your job, God desires that you embrace the blessed opportunity to provide for your family through your vocation. Unfortunately, many men find themselves unemployed and unable to provide for their families. Many different reasons exist for unemployment. Some men are unemployed for no wrongdoing on their part, but economic times have caused their jobs to be discarded. Some men are unemployed due to their bad attitude or lazy work ethic. Other men are unemployed because they quit because they thought they deserved more than their current job.

Your reasoning for unemployment will determine your method for finding a job.


How “Low” Would You Go for a Job?

My friend Jonathan never pictured himself unemployed. Obtaining a bachelor’s and masters degree in his field, he was a great candidate for many jobs. Working during his time at school, upon graduation, he was able to receive a great job with a good salary with benefits.

After a few years in this job, he took a stand for something he was right and it cost him. Unwilling to back down from his convictions, he was forced out of his job in a hard economic time. He sent out resumes all over town. Due to family situations, he was unable to look for unemployment outside of the city. For all of his job hunting, he came up empty.

The only place that was hiring was a job that was way below his education or his prior pay scale. It would also be a job where he would be visible and a reminder of his previous job termination.

He had a choice: humbly provide for his family or worry about his reputation?


Why Many Student Ministries Are Failing

Since the inception of student ministry (not that many years ago), the growing belief is that parents should aid and assist the student pastor to evangelize and disciple the students.  By serving in either assistant teaching roles or crowd control, parents are expected to help the student pastor in his ministerial work focused on their children.  I cannot begin to tell you how many parents describe that situation and say that the student pastor spiritually “raised my child.”

If we were to follow the biblical example, we would reverse the trend.  Parents should not aid and assist the student pastor.  The student pastor should aid and assist the parent to evangelize and disciple one’s own child.


Your Job

Great day at North Side as we are nearing the end of Ephesians.  Today’s big idea: Your Job (Eph. 6:5-9) …