Disciples in the Workplace

Colossians 3:22-4:1

Disciples in the Workplace

A disciple can never clock out of Kingdom work.  Even in the workplace, Christian bosses and workers must display a different level of intentionality and productivity for the sake of discipleship.

Instructions for Employees (Col. 3:22)

  • Since you claim to follow a faithful Savior, be a faithful worker.

Four Types of Employees:

  1. Justified Rebel – Don’t use your faith as an excuse for a bad work ethic.
  2. Occasional Hard-Worker – Even when your work is unnoticed by your earthly boss, your effort is noticed by your Heavenly Master.
  3. Insincere Brown-Noser – Don’t let your work be motivated by the approval of men but by the approval of God.
  4. Sincere Workers – Don’t work hard so that you will appear right but because it is right.

Instructions for Employment (Col. 3:23-25)

  • Your work can become worship if you display obedient actions and sincere attitudes in the workplace.
  • A Christian worker should be known as the most fervent and faithful employee on the job.
  • Every job opportunity is a mission field and every Christian employee is a missionary.
  • Be intentionally productive in your job for the glory of God and for the good of others.
  • Every injustice you experience in your earthly vocation will be made right in your heavenly retirement.
  • It is better to endure conflict due to your boss’ sin rather than endure consequences for your own sin.

Instructions for Employers (Col. 4:1)

  • Just because you are over someone does not mean that you are better than someone.
  • Bosses must lead justly and fairly with their employees because God leads his people in that way.
  • Bad employers seek to use employees to improve the lives of themselves; good employers seek to use themselves to improve the lives of their employees.

Next Steps

  1. What can I improve in my job for the glory of God?
  2. Who has God positioned me beside at work for a missional purpose?