How “Low” Would You Go for a Job?

My friend Jonathan never pictured himself unemployed. Obtaining a bachelor’s and masters degree in his field, he was a great candidate for many jobs. Working during his time at school, upon graduation, he was able to receive a great job with a good salary with benefits.

After a few years in this job, he took a stand for something he was right and it cost him. Unwilling to back down from his convictions, he was forced out of his job in a hard economic time. He sent out resumes all over town. Due to family situations, he was unable to look for unemployment outside of the city. For all of his job hunting, he came up empty.

The only place that was hiring was a job that was way below his education or his prior pay scale. It would also be a job where he would be visible and a reminder of his previous job termination.

He had a choice: humbly provide for his family or worry about his reputation?

He made a choice to provide for his family. It was his calling.

One day, he encountered one of his former employers while he was working. While a rush of humiliation initially came over him, he served this man with dignity. When he came home, the awkward encounter was forgotten in light of the joyful reception from his family. He was faithful to provide for his family with no thought of what it meant to his reputation. While his reputation in certain circles may have been tarnished, his reputation in his home and in heaven was one of integrity and honor.  How would most men respond in Jonathan’s situation?

Why would it be so difficult for you to follow this example?

Read the verses below. What will the hard worker receive in these verses (look at both verses)?  What will the slacker receive?

“The slacker craves, yet has nothing,
but the diligent is fully satisfied.”

“There is profit in all hard work,
but endless talk leads only to poverty.” -Proverbs 13:4; 14:23

For whoever needs to read this today, don’t let pride keep you from providing for your family.