On the Clock

On the Clock (Titus 2:9-10) – While we are on the clock vocationally, we are also on the clock missionally.  Even if your job isn’t in the ministry, you are in the ministry.
  • The concept of slavery in biblical times is extremely different from slavery in modern times.
    • Old Testament teaching regarding the positive treatment of slaves was countercultural at the time.
    • During the time of the New Testament, people were not bondservants due to ethnicity, literacy, or nationality.
    • From every type of socioeconomic class, people would volunteer to be a bondservant due to economic reasons.
    • While varying in degrees of comfort, many people enjoyed a beneficial situation due to slavery.
    • In the early church, bondservants were seen as equal to the financially free members.
  • The concept of slavery in biblical times is extremely different from vocations in modern times. 
    • While bondservants were not treated as severely then as in recent historical contexts, they were still possessions of their masters.
    • While your work situation may not be ideal, it is disrespectful to equate it with what others have experienced through slavery.
    • God called bondservants to suffer well in order to be missional even in their slavery.
    • By observing the extreme obedience expected of Christian bondservants, we should have no trouble displaying extreme obedience as Christian employees.

Expected Obedience for Bondservants

  • Submissive to their own masters in everything – To be free in Christ does not give a free pass for rebellion against God-given human authorities.
  • Well-pleasing – A Christian should attempt to be the most pleasing worker in order to gain a platform with the boss.
  • Not argumentative – Arguing with your authority minimizes your opportunity to speak up when it counts.
  • Not pilfering, but showing all good faith – A Christian should live with moral integrity so that he or she can be trusted with spiritual opportunities.
  • So that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior – The content of the message is validated by the character of the messenger.


  • Another’s conversion must be deemed more important than my comfort.
  • What will I endure temporarily so that another doesn’t have to endure eternally?
  • While we are on the clock vocationally, we are also on the clock missionally.
  • Even if your job isn’t in the ministry, you are in the ministry.