How to Work as Worship

While jobs can bring stress, weariness, and drama, it can also provide Kingdom opportunities. Learn how to reinstate your work as a platform for worship and mission.


  • Work isn’t a consequence of sin – frustration with work is (Gen. 3:17-19).
  • God is a Creator, and He desires us to cultivate that Creation for good things.
  • We should pray that God would establish the work of our hands through work (Ps. 90:17).


  • Making money is a good thing.
  • While the prosperity gospel is dangerous (God wants to meet all of your wants), the poverty gospel is also dangerous (God doesn’t want to meet any of your needs or wants).
  • Working at a job to provide financial security for your family and financial generosity for Kingdom opportunities is a good thing (Prov. 14:23; Eph. 4:28; 1 Tim. 5:8).


  • Work is best when we find alignment with how we’ve been made.
  • Don’t make divisions between sacred and secular employment (Ex. 31:1-5).
  • Rediscover how God made you and work from your gifting.


  • While you live on this earth, think of your work from a Kingdom perspective (1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 3:23; Prov. 16:3).
  • Work is intended to bring glory to God and good to others.
  • Repurpose your perspective on work from gaining earthly benefits to giving heavenly opportunities.