Restoring the Dignity of Work

God has designed us to use our gifts to accomplish good things for the benefit of our families and others around us. To see all people succeed, we need to restore the dignity of work in our lives and the lives of others.

  • One of the greatest ways to glorify God is by creating and cultivating in the gardens He has placed us.
  • Work is not the consequence of sin – frustration with work is (cf. Gen. 2:15; 3:18).
  • When we hinder ourselves and others from meaningful work, we attempt to disfigure God’s image upon us.

Unwise Financial Practices (6:1-5)

  • As a steward of God’s resources, He has entrusted me to handle His blessings in the wisest way possible.
  • When I cosign for debts, I endanger myself and enable others.
  • Do whatever is necessary to avoid unnecessary bondage and secure financial freedom.

Unwise Work Ethics (6:6-11)

  • As a steward of God’s giftings, He has entrusted me to use the skills He gives in the wisest way possible.
  • God’s people should be the most ambitiously productive in the world.
  • Laziness insults God, impacts others, and impedes ourselves.

Unwise Personal Interactions (6:12-19)

  • As a steward of God’s opportunities, He has entrusted me to interact with others in the wisest way possible.
  • Avoid taking advantage of people and situations for personal gain.
  • God despises pride, even if it only influenced our interactions with one another.
  • No individual, family, or nation will survive if work is deemed unnecessary.
  • When you restore the dignity of wise, helpful, productive work, you give glory to God and do good to others.