“My Church Doesn’t Communicate Anything!”

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a member at another church.  He said that his church didn’t communicate anything.  He was upset because he missed an event and swore that no one told him about it.  I began to ask him questions concerning his attentiveness during announcements and how much of the church’s publications he read all the way through, and he finally realized something: the church was communicating fairly well, he just wasn’t doing his part.

That conversation made me think – how are we doing?  At North Side, as we have seen God grow our church, it is more difficult than ever to keep everyone updated.  In the last few months, we have done a lot on our end to make sure the information is flowing though.  I’ll share with you our strategy:

  • Web
    • northsidebc.org – The best way for you to keep updated on all things North Side would be to make northsidebc.org your homepage or visit it every day.  Every time you visit it, it is updated.  If you look at it today, the homepage includes the upcoming events, the most recent blogs, the most recent announcements, important videos, and so much more – and that’s just from the homepage!  If you want to know when and where and what of North Side or just simply want to be informed and know how to pray – you need to go to this site everyday – you would be amazed at how much you know!
    • Blogs – Everyday, North Side’s staff is posting blog posts that help keep you informed.  You can actually subscribe to all of these blogs so that the information is updated in your email inbox if you like or you can just frequent North Side’s home page again.  In these blogs, you not only get important announcements on your own timetable, but you also get to see behind the scenes to what is going on.
    • Web 2.0 – From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, we are putting up so much information and ways for you to connect.  You can also access all of these from the bottom of the homepage (are you starting to see a pattern here?).
  • Print
    • Compass – The Compass Magazine runs every two months.  One is coming out the first Sunday of September.  This serves as not only a devotional and small group guide, but it contains a lot of important information.  You should also get a few copies and drop them off to your friends, your doctor’s office, or some frequent sitting area.  This upcoming Compass will even provide a better way to get out more information with a few tweaks.
    • Sermon Notes – Every week, our wonderful greeters pass along a piece of paper that is invaluable!  It has space to write notes from the sermon, but also it provides weekly updated announcements.  Don’t drop them on the floor, take them to the door, brother (you like that, didn’t you?)!
  • Video – We show Inside North Side on Sunday mornings and also include that on the homepage (have I said that yet?).
  • Verbal – We do make pivotal verbal announcements on Sunday.  Every Sunday.  We talk.

Now, we need your help.  Listen.  Read.  Visit.  Go.  Subscribe.  Make the website your homepage.  You’d be surprised at how much we are communicating.