The Elephant in the Pew Has Launched!

So excited to tell you that a new ministry website has been launched today:

North Side is partnering with other ministries through the month of October to conduct a joint series confronting the sins present in the church that no one wants to talk about: addiction, adultery, pornography, and prejudice.

From this site, you can see what ministries are involved and your church, youth group, or ministry organization can join up during these months.  On this site, leaders can gain access to tons of free resources and have a chance to collaborate with other ministers to improve your content and presentation.

If you are not a church leader, we are going to be posting articles concerning helpful tips on how to combat these issues.  You can even submit an article yourself!  So go and check out the site today!

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Which do you think is the biggest elephant in the pew?  Addiction, adultery, pornography, or racism?