God of This Emerald City

I can’t begin to sum up into words what happened last night at the Greenwood Community Theatre.  Churches united under the umbrella of Emerald City Worship.  I was asked by a man last week who would be delivering the message that night.  I had a great response for him five minutes after that conversation.  We would be offering the message.  All of us.  The message: Jesus, thank you for the cross.  We’ll do anything for you.

90 minutes of prayer and praise.  No message.  No gimmicks.  Not a lot of seat time.  Just gut-level honest worship.  I guess when you get a packed room of people who love to worship, you get what happened last night.  I was overwhelmed.  I thought the roof was going off of that place and we were just going to go on home right then and there.

I can’t begin to thank Hannah, Griffith, and Dave for their behind the scenes work.  Thank you to our unbelievable volunteers who helped set up, tear down, and greet.  Thank you for all the cans we gathered to help out ministries in this town.  Thanks to the eleven-person band comprised of four different churches who led in worship.  I was humbled at how great it came together.  When we met each other Sunday night, and never really all in the same room until an hour before go time, I wondered how it would all come together.  After only a short time of practice and a quick soundcheck, it seemed like we had been playing together for years.  You guys were amazing!

Quote of the night was from Peggy who stated, “I got weak in the knees during ‘How Great is Our God.’  I didn’t know if I could even stand anymore at what was happening in there.”

Here’s some pictures from the evening:

How Great is Our God
How Great is Our God
Happy Day

More pictures from the one and only, Cory Wilson, here.

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We are planning on doing another night like that on November 10th.  You in?