Going Through the Worship Motions

This month’s core worship value: Humility – leading with perspective

This week’s worship training one-liner:

The cure for lethargic worship is a good memory.

In Psalm 30, David expresses praise to God based upon his faithfulness in the past.  What’s interesting about this psalm is that the title infers that this was written for the dedication of the temple.  Only one problem, by the time the temple was completed, David was dead.  His son led God’s people into the temple.

Don’t miss this: sometimes we will work for things in our lives that we will never see fulfilled this side of eternity.  You may preach your heart out hoping to reach the nations, but maybe you will light a fire in a future missionary that changes the world.  You may be trying to turn your family towards God, but it may be your example that takes a couple of generations to truly get it.  You may be leading a church and teaching them how to worship, and God may decide to move you on before you see it truly realized in that congregation.

But if we lead with perspective, if we remain humble, it doesn’t matter what we see.  It doesn’t matter that our name is on the building or the pew or the program.  It doesn’t even matter if our name is mentioned as long as our efforts caused Jesus’ name to be mentioned.

David speaks of how God has shown up for him all throughout his life.  The times David called on God, every time he was delivered.  The only proper response was worship.  He even said that “weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps 30:5).  Each new day is a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us.

The cure for lethargic worship is a good memory.  

Has God delivered you?  Has he shown up for you in the midnight hour?  Did he come through when you thought there was no way?

I bet that if you began to list out all of God’s miraculous deeds that he has done in solely your life, you would be propelled into worship.

Maybe the best thing for you to do (right now, before you worship with your church on Sunday, etc.) is to list out how God has been good to you.  Get specific.  As you begin to remember God’s faithfulness, your worship will heighten.  You will begin to praise God for all that he is and all that he is done.

To remain humble in our worship, to remain authentic in our praise, what do you have to thank Jesus for today?  Share the love.

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