Distractive Worship Leaders

Today I am sharing the second installment in our worship value #2: crediblity – leading with integrity.

This lesson’s big idea: Worship leaders should direct but never distract.


The job of the worship leader is to direct people’s attention towards God, not distract them from it.  A worship leader has a tough balance of engaging the people without distracting them.

What is characteristic of distractive worship leaders?

  • Obvious resentment towards an unresponsive congregation
  • Showiness (that doesn’t mean lack of quality, but a focus on it)
  • Tight or revealing clothing (you don’t want your appearance to cause attraction to anyone other than Jesus)
  • Fake sincerity (people can spot it)
  • Platform devotion that does not match private devotion (that’s obvious too)

What else would you add to this list?  How should worship leaders direct but not distract?  Comment.

2 thoughts on “Distractive Worship Leaders”

  1. So true! You are absolutely right when you say people can spot fake sincerity…it makes me incredibly uncomfortable when it seems that someone on a praise and worship stage is putting on a show. I think your list says it all!

  2. I think that it is imperative for the worship leaders to be participating in worship in a genuine way. If I sense showiness or fake sincerity, I really don't feel comfortable.

    I think you're spot on Travis.

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