Pure Life Recap

What an unbelievable night at Pure Life.  Words can’t even begin to describe.  Praying all that was taught tonight was received and applied this very evening.  After a great main session led by Craig Gross via video, we had some amazing breakout sessions.  If you couldn’t come or didn’t get to all the breakout sessions you wanted to get to, you can get a CD book with the breakout sessions available at the bookstore.

Student Purity 101

The first session I led was entitled “Student Purity 101.”  Much of the content shared in there came from two chapters in my Freshman 15 book.  For more info, you can access that book here.

I know you are the minority.  A young person trying to remain pure is under tremendous pressure.  The best advice I can give you is don’t try to do it alone!  Get an accountability partner.  Install x3 watch on your computer.  Watch what you view, say, and get involved in.  Don’t ruin your future marriage on passing moments of sin.

Securing the Home

The second session I led was entitled “Securing the Home.”  This session was designed to equip parents on how to protect their children from technological dangers.

I tried to help equip parents with as much help as I could for those who felt incompetent in the technological arena.  I gave a bunch of sites to look at, but here is a link and description of each:

  • Safety Contracts – Family contracts for technological purity
  • Plugged In – Focus on the Family’s media review
  • XXX Church – Posts on purity
  • x3 Watch – Internet accountability software, free, upgraded edition available
  • Covenant Eyes – Internet filtering and accountability – more features, more money, but good investment
  • Internet Safety – subscription service and free tips

Parents, your children are learning about sex and purity, but are you and God’s Word shaping their worldview?  If those two things aren’t, then someone else is!  Protect your home!

I pray this event was a help to you and your family.  What did you learn or what helped you from Pure Life?  What questions do you still have?

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