Our Tech Team is the Best!

Last night, we had a special tech team training and appreciation event.  I knew this before last night, but it served as a great reminder – our tech team is incredible!  They are sincere servants.  They have massive skills and incredible hearts!  It is an honor to serve with them.

While we spent time vision casting and fellowshiping, we also worked on some training as a group and in our respective areas.  For all of our volunteers (or potential volunteers), we use Planning Center Online to schedule and communicate.  Below is a video tutorial that is a great way for you to understand how to get the most out of this system.

Overview – Here’s some extra tips, reminders, and info:

  • Block Out Dates – help us schedule volunteers by blocking out your dates in Planning Center
  • Facebook App – you can work with scheduling requests through Facebook now
  • Live – here’s the info on the Live setting
  • Mobile Planning Center – you can keep updated over your phone now
  • Text Message – never be left out of the loop again

Online Learning Opportunities – here’s some extra goodies for each position

  • Producer – check out how this guy is using some simple systems to make a great look and feel
  • Light Tech – look what fun we could have, this guy is doing some brilliant things
  • Sound Tech – check out this frequency chart and here are some video tutorials of the board
  • Camera Operators – check out this short sermon video and notice the type of camera angles they use
  • Video Switcher – watch this video and notice the switches between the two angles (do you catch when and why they switch between views?)
  • BG Projectionist – here are some forum posts for PVP and some upcoming updates
  • Lyric Projectionist – here are some online tutorials for Pro Presenter and you can see some upcoming updates here

If you are looking for a place to serve, we could always use some extra hands.  Most jobs work once a month (Sunday AM and Wednesday PM for practice).  Ask us today how you can help in one of these positions!

Tech team, you guys are great!  Who loves our tech team?

5 thoughts on “Our Tech Team is the Best!”

  1. There is nothing better than serving our God! Seeing all the technicians dedication as servants and just knowing you are there, helps me focus even more on worship each week.
    Thank you for everything you do!

  2. THANK YOU – ALL of you!!!!! We depend on you to keep us going! You are committed behind-the-scenes and usually taken for granted, but NEVER unappreciated! What you do is invaluable! Always remember that your dedication to excellence for God is worship!

  3. Thanks for all the support! If the room is getting too crowded, gently indert needle into our bulging egos…! Seriously, it is quite an honor to work with such a great group of musicians! Heather and I hear songs on the radio and we always say "Our praise band does that song so much better!" Keep up the geat work!

  4. I love your gentle spirit! You guys are so fabulous and humble. I would love to have the abilities you all have. Thank you for being obedient with your talents! 🙂 Amy

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