Compass Tweaks


This Sunday, we are starting a new series called “The Wilderness” which means it’s new Compass time. We are real excited about this edition.

For those of you in attendance at the shepherd training led by Jeff, we discussed adding a guide for you as shepherds to lead your group.

Here’s how each week will be broken down:

  • CONNECT YOUR COMMUNITY GROUP – an icebreaker to ease into the big idea for the week
  • EXAMINE GOD’S WORD – a central passage to study together (and you get commentary on the passage that’s not included in the Compass)
  • DISCUSS PASSAGE’S IMPLICATIONS – discussion questions for group (once again, these questions are not in the Compass and discussion is not dependent upon people’s reading of the Compass)
  • APPLY PRACTICAL STEPS – applications to walk away with

As we talked with you sheps, the staff designed this material so that you can use it at anytime during the week, but we recommend that you use each week’s material in the week it was preached (ex. – Jeff preaches on the Wilderness Guide on Sunday, regardless if you meet Sun AM, PM, Wed PM, or Sat PM, we recommend you discuss week 1 during that time period. With this structure, Compass material supports the discussion and sermon but none is dependent upon each other).

In the Compass, we also heard your request to simplify. So the daily reading matches the devotional material.

Can’t wait for you to pick up your copy on Sunday!  Get a few extra to hand out to some people in the community.

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