Emerald City Worship (Slight Change of Plans…)

We had scheduled the next Emerald City Worship to take place on Tuesday, November 10th.  As we have been approaching time, we have experienced some scheduling difficulties, some AVL issues, and some stuff just wasn’t feeling right.  The approaching evening was feeling like a burden to me, and it was never meant to be that.

Then Rob Dempsey from His Radio 89.3 called.  He was hoping he could use our campus to put on a free concert with the group, Chasen on the same date.  When I told him what we were doing that night, he said that it worked exactly with what they were trying to do.  Prayed, and it seemed like God had led in this direction.  I had a definite peace about the situation, because the beauty of Emerald City Worship last time was that churches came together to worship, pray, and give.  We are still planning on doing that, just some boys from another city leading us in worship.

So the plan is that Chasen will lead our community in worship that night at North Side.  For the next events, we will use a community worship team probably rotating at other church venues.  We are pretty excited about partnering with Chasen and His Radio 89.3.  Help us get the word out about the event.

While the worship event is free, we are asking you to bring items to help out the community:

  1. Canned Goods – the local food banks could still use some re-stocking
  2. Toiletry Items – a local men’s prison ministry has requested toiletry items for their inmates in order to share the love of Christ

Bring either of those items next Tuesday, and we can help meet the needs of our community.  Hope to see you there!