When God Takes Too Long

Another great Sunday @ North Side!

We took some time at the beginning of the service today to get everyone at church to fill out a survey today.  The survey was a way of evaluating how connected our church is.  If you didn’t get to pick one up today, make sure to get one next week at the information desk because we will be collecting the data next week.

The main reason we took the survey has a lot to do with this series.  We are fearful that people are isolated in the wilderness and they don’t have to be.  We are worried that as North Side gets bigger, people will choose to worship here because they can slip in and out unnoticed.  That type of church involvement might work for a season, but times will come when you need more than a service, you will need relationships to help get you through.  We are praying that 2010 will be a year where we connect with people on a whole nother level.

“Idolatry is when we take the God who is and fashion Him to who we want Him to be.”  -Jeff Lethco

In the wilderness, the temptation of idolatry arises. Idolatry does not mean to worship other gods. It means that we must guard ourselves against manipulating God or desiring to walk by sight and not by faith.The Israelites fell into this temptation when they built a golden calf and began to worship what they could see instead of what God had revealed. In the wilderness, we are tempted to follow after idols when it appears that God is taking too long.  Great message – listen to it!

Today, we worshiped to:

See you next week!