Wilderness Companions

Wilderness Screen

Jeff and I normally catch up Sunday mornings at about 7:30 in the video room.  We’ll talk about the weekend or a crazy idea we had over the weekend.  I love it on those mornings when he walks in and says he’s going to call an audible.

Jeff preached the “Weakened Defenses” message he had planned on preaching in about 23 seconds.  The remainder of the time, he preached a message we are calling “Wilderness Companions.”  He explained this morning his growing burden that he has concerning many people who are associated with North Side, but they are not connected.  So many people are walking through the wilderness isolated and they don’t have to.

Jeff shared that our goal for people here is to have:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Interaction with Others
  • Impact on the World

He then explained what would keep us from that as a church:

  • Experience – we have certain experiences of what a church is supposed to be and we think attendance is enough
  • Expectations – we bring certain expectations of what church should be then we are disappointed when it doesn’t happen as expected
  • Ego – we come to church asking the question, “What does this church have to offer me?”

If you didn’t get to hear this message, it is one of the clearest presentations of what the church should be and how God expects us to make it in the wilderness.  Listen to it!

Today, we worshiped to:

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