Whining in the Wilderness


We concluded the Wilderness series today at North Side.  What a powerful November.  When we thought it would be a good idea to do this series a few months ago, but we had no idea how critical the timing was.  God knew.  He made sure we did this series cause he knew the type of wilderness experiences would be happening in our local congregation this month.

This has been a powerful series.  Jeff’s message today was impacting.  The choice not to whine in the wilderness is difficult, but it reveals our character and our level of faith in God.

Today, we worshiped to:

Dennis Swanberg Tonight

If you haven’t gotten your ticket, you still have time.  You can pick up your Dennis Swanberg ticket at the door for $5.  The proceeds go to the Romanian mission team.  Hope to see you and your family here tonight at 7pm.

Week 5 MIA in Compass

In your current edition of the Compass, you are missing week 5 of the Wilderness series.  Don’t worry – you can download your copy here to complete this series.  Print off the week’s study and ready and apply the message of this week – “Whining in the Wilderness.”

Can’t wait to see you next week as we begin “A Pastor’s Wish List” and release the North Side Worship Christmas CD!

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