Do I Love Jesus More Than College Football?


I really wasn’t trying to cause a stink.  I just made a simple Facebook post one night that stated:

Travis Agnew Wonders what could happen if the church put a half of the enthusiasm into Jesus that we do into college football rivalry week.

I got some responses.  A lot of responses.

Don’t get me wrong – I love college football.  I pull for Clemson over Carolina, but I pull for Carolina when they are playing any other team.  I watched the game.  I would have loved to have tickets to the game.

But the week leading up to the game accompanied with the numerous Facebook posts during the day led me to question some things.  I just saw all this energy and excitement and wondered what if the Body of Christ could harness that for something more than football?

I got kinda burdened by overly energetic football fans who are timid followers of Christ.  I never want someone to see me as more energetic and passionate about college football than I am about Jesus.

  • Am I willing to talk to a perfect stranger about the game due to their team shirt and not talk to them about Jesus?
  • Do I cheer louder for a guy crossing into an endzone than I do the thought of Jesus giving me new life?
  • Am I more willing to show my team colors than I am my commitment to Christ?
  • Do I wake up more excited on Saturday morning than I do Sunday morning?
  • Does my internet presence show others that I belong more to a college team or an eternal Kingdom?
  • Am I ashamed to sing the praises of God yet undignified in my cheers for my team?
  • Do I watch SportsCenter more than I read my Bible?

Love football.  Love your team.  But love something that counts for something a little more.  Love Jesus.

To him who has ears, let him hear.

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