What My Son Taught Me During the Tornado

I was awoken last night at @ 5:20 by Amanda hitting me and yelling, “Tornado!  Trav get Obie!”

In a daze, I ran through the house to a sound that seemed like the windows were about to shatter and the house was about to be lifted up.  I grabbed Obadiah out of the crib fast asleep.  He was startled by the sudden intrusion, and then he seemed to be even more alarmed by the sounds he was hearing.  As the sounds escalated, he looked to somewhat understand the situation.

Then the strangest thing happened.

I was trying to hold him down to protect him and hoping he would stay asleep.  He popped his head up as I was carrying him.

He looked at the window at the rain coming down, then he looked at me, smiled, pointed at my face, said “Dada” in the most tender voice I have ever heard, and then he laid his head down on my shoulder and went to sleep.


You must understand this: if you wake Obie up, he stays up.  He doesn’t go back down easily.  He normally would think it would be time to play.  And given the sounds in our home, he should have been alarmed, but he fell back asleep and I was eventually able to put him back in his crib.  But something was different last night.

He looked at his father in the midst of the storm, and felt peaceful enough to fall back asleep.

Oh, how I long for this to be my story!  I want to be alerted to the storms in my life, but I don’t want to be shaken by them.  I want to grasp the power of the storm, but I want to be overwhelmed by the power of my God!  I want to look up, see my Father, call his name, and be at peace in his arms.

O believers, what a treasure we have in our Father!  He is so more capable than I am to protect my son through a tornado, yet why do we doubt his care, his power, his protection?

I don’t know what storm you are going through today, but I do know our Father.  And quite honestly, it’s time to go back to sleep.

6 thoughts on “What My Son Taught Me During the Tornado”

  1. Mary Jo CourtnayWow, thanks Travis. I needed that reminder.
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    Gracie Ferguson SowellThat was a very inspiring story to share! Thanks for the story it was great and is oh so very true! I sure needed that today!
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    Katherine Drew Harris McCurryTravis, thank you for posting this. How encouraging!! Oh to have the faith of a child… I am touched. God can give us peace in the midst of our storms if we allow Him to…. Isn't it awesome how God shows you things even through your own son… 😉
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    Michael JacksonThank you man for that encouragement. We serve a wonderful father and you are a wonderful father to your son.
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    Tina Floyd BrewerThanks for sharing! Love how our kids can teach us some valuable lessons.
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    Ashley Scruggsthanks for sharing that Travis… you always seem to post the right things at the right times… thanks so much…
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    Heather Norris KingThank u sooo much for sharing this!!! I really needed to hear it=)
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    Joyce HendricksGreat object lesson, Travis, thanks for sharing it. Rick and I were huddled in the hallway doing just what Obie was doing, looking into the face of our Father and asking for His protection as we listened to trees falling all around us. Once it was light enough to see the damage done with trees all around our house down, we knew that He indeed had watched over His children and kept us safe. Praising Him in the storm! What a mighty God we serve!
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    Julie Houser GordyThanks for sharing this Travis—–love it!
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    Lynn A. RobertsonTravis, God has gifted you with such a wonderul way with words! Wow! What a great visual of childlike trust. You really need to put all of your blogs about what the Lord is teaching you through Odie into your next book!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Ken PetrusAmen!
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    Phyllis Owings RollinsYou have a gift….you have always blessed me with God's love in day to day stories. Thank you.
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    Heather Norris KingRead all your blogs..it's awesome to see how God uses you & i appreciate u sharing his love thru your life & your words….it's very encouraging & uplifting!

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