Compass Deadline (New & Improved Edition Coming)


It is deadline day for the January/February Compass which means we are running around doing last minute touch-ups to the magazine.  Our team is knocking it out of the park to make this edition extra special.

A few months ago, I tried to figure out how to expand this great piece and even make it more effective in connecting and equipping our church.  We also felt the need to educate our church body at what was going on as a whole.

With a little tweaking of paper weight and printing specifications, we were able to add 16 pages with no additional cost.  That means a lot more info and a lot more work.

Here’s how the new edition will be broken down:

  • Connect – This section will help you connect to some essential things happening in our church family.  This will have all the intro stuff, items you need to know, etc.
  • Grow – This is the curriculum section that John writes so masterfully.  The only change we are making is taking out the Scripture passages printed in this section.  We are doing it for two reasons: 1) it saves space for more content, and 2) we think it is important for you to have your Bible open while doing the study.  We want you underlining and highlighting all the stuff in your Bible so you can find it later.  We are also adding NSU articles to go deeper in certain sections of the study that might cause extra questions.
  • Live – This section is the main addition to the Compass.  This section is filled with North Siders on how you can live out your faith.  From ways to serve, to improve your marriage, to stories of people living out their faith, we think you are going to be encouraged and equipped to walk more closely to Jesus.

The main goal of this edition is for you to walk through 64 pages and say at the end of it: “Wow. I never knew the people of North Side were advancing the Kingdom of God this much!”

Pray you will say that.  You can get your new edition on January 3rd.  Please pray for us today as we finish it up!  How do you think we can improve the Compass even more?

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