A Pastor’s Wish List: For Men to Rise Up

The last Sunday of 2009 served to be a great day to serve as a transition into next year.  On the last Sunday of “A Pastor’s Wish List,” we focused on the topic: “For Men to Rise Up.”

The Apostle Paul stated that when he became a man, he put childish ways behind him.  The Bible gives instructions on how men should live.  On his wish list, our pastor wants the men in this church to rise up to be the men of God Jesus wants them to be.

The service was extremely powerful.  Jeff’s message was genuinely convicting.  It was right on.  You need to listen to it.

It is our prayer that the coming year is going to change lives, homes, this church, our community, and this world.  Buckle up, family.  God’s gonna take us some places.

Today, we worshiped to:

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