2009 North Side’s Series Summary

Wow!  What a year 2009 has been at North Side.  This week, we are reflecting back and looking forward.  One of those areas is looking back over what God taught us this year through the series at North Side.  As I have been developing sermon series with Jeff since the summer of 2006, I have never experienced such a powerful year packed of God’s truth.

It was a year for personal holiness.  It was a year of focusing on the home.  It was a year of drawing closer to Jesus.

Here is the list of series and a short synopsis of them.

  • What Happens in Vegas (01.04-01.25) –  You’ve seen the popular advertising campaign that promises, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  But is that true?  When you sin, is it an isolated event or does it affect other areas of your life?  The Bible teaches that what happens in Vegas, never stays in Vegas.
  • Marriage by the Book (02.01-02.22) – If you’re married, you must decide to get your direction from the Bible.  God’s Word provides the standard for building a marriage that lasts.
  • Crossroads (03.01-03.15) – Three of the world’s major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all claim Abraham as their founder.  Each of these religions come to a crossroads at the person of Jesus.  This series addresses these three religions and shows the exclusivity of salvation through Christ.
  • GRACE (03.22-04.19) – Using the acrostic “GRACE” (God, Rebellion, Atonement, Conversion, and Eternity), we studied the message of the gospel.  We are saved by grace alone.
  • Now and Then (04.26) – It is so easy for God’s people to drift from God’s ideal. As a church, are we in danger of drifting away from what God desires us to be? Every now and then, it is important that we remind ourselves that our standard can only be God’s Word. We must be a church that pleases Jesus according to his standard and not our own.
  • Legacy (05.03-05.31) – Every parent is leaving a legacy.  Is it the kind of legacy we want to be remembered for?  God calls parents to be the primary evangelist and disciple-maker of their children.
  • All-In (06.07-06.28) – In the Christian faith, Jesus calls us to be “all-in.”  We must decide to be committed to him in all areas of our lives.
  • You Asked for It (07.05-08.09, 6 weeks) – This message series is all based upon questions that North Side’s members submitted on the church blog.  These questions are the ones you wanted to hear about but maybe you were too afraid to ask someone.  Well, you asked for it, and we are going to answer it from God’s Word.  We answered is homosexuality a choice, can I get a divorce, did the Devil make me do it, is social drinking OK, do Baptists believe in healing, and how do I find God’s will.
  • Checkup (08.16-08.30, 3 weeks) – Just as we make sure our physical bodies are in good shape through a checkup, we must ensure our spiritual development is progressing as well.  Through this series, we did a personal checkup on our intimacy with God, interaction with the Body, and impact on the world.
  • It’s the End of the World As We Know It (09.06-09.27.09, 4 weeks) – The end of the world is promised and we are always getting closer to it.  As we draw closer to the end, are you prepared?
  • The Elephant in the Pew (10.04-10.25, 4 weeks) – It’s time to confront the sins we all know are present in the church, but no one really wants to talk about them.  Addictions, adultery, pornography, and prejudice are sins that can tear lives, homes, and churches apart and it’s time we did something about them.
  • The Wilderness (11.01-11.29, 5 weeks) – This series will examine the reasons for and the temptations during the “wilderness” experiences of life.  A wilderness experience is a particularly difficult or trying time whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The entire series will be built around 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 with selected passages from the Book of Exodus and the Book of Numbers.
  • A Pastor’s Wishlist (12.06-12.27, 4 weeks) – During this Christmas season, what is our pastor’s wish list?  This series will highlight four critical things that North Side’s pastor would love to see in the future of our church.

I would love to hear from you.  Which ones impacted you the most?  Give me your top 3 life-changing series of the year.

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  1. I have to agree with the above post. The Wilderness series definitely changed my heart and the way I look at things and people

  2. Legacy, It's the end of the World, and You asked for it, and Wilderness. I couldn't stop at 3! What a great

  3. marriage by the book

    what happens in vegas

    a pastors wish list..this last sermon (12/27/09), shook my soul!!!

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