The Bible: More Than a Self-Help Book

Today, we started the new “True[ish]” series, and I wasn’t even there!  My niece was being dedicated at her church in Charlotte, so I hated to miss out on the goodness but this is what I know:

We worshiped to:

Our team did a great job to pull today off.  I hated not being there, but we made a lot of adjustments to the sound system, graphics, videos, etc this week.

Jeff started this new series called “True[ish].”  Each week we are going to look at a foundational doctrine that every Christian should grasp.  This week – the Bible.  It is more than a self-help book, it is living and active (Heb 4:12)!

But since I wasn’t there, I need to hear from you – what did God teach you today?  What impacted you?  What stuck out?  Go.

2 thoughts on “The Bible: More Than a Self-Help Book”

  1. I had never known of the foreshadowing that is in Genesis with Adam and Eve. I love how Jeff pointed out that it was a symbol of the sacrifice that would eventually be made for us with the clothing being made out of animal skin.

    Also, I never knew that the words spoken by Jesus on the cross were from a Psalm. How cool!

    I have truly been inspired to try to turn to the Bible for everything. I only want to believe in words that are God-breathed. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this series. Today was incredible!

    Miss you up there, Travis!

  2. Missy, that’s awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for “missing me up there.” I unfortunately have to miss 3 Sundays this month – ugh! It’s nice to be missed though!

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