NS Staff vs. Sonshine (The Basketball Game of the Century)

Last night, North Side’s staff took on the Sonshine ministry in what proved to be the basketball game of the century.  The Sonshine ministry is a service we do for clients from the Burton Center, a ministry that assists adults with special needs and disabilities.

We lost.  Badly.  The final score is 126 to 52 I think.  I mean it was brutal.  Buddy had this jump shot that he nailed every time.  Michael could land the fade aways from his wheelchair relentlessly.  And Johnny.  Well, Johnny’s defense made us all scared to get the ball.

Great time.  Great ministry.  Great staff.

We had a blast last night.  Kudos to Ken and OG for arranging the whole event.  If you ever need a place to serve that puts everything into perspective, I encourage you to go down to the chapel on Sundays @ 10AM.  You will be encouraged and challenged.  The people there will love on you and make you feel remarkably loved.  But you also walk away challenged.  You will want to do something about the needs of the world, but more so, you will realize that your worship is probably more shallow than you think.  When you listen to this crew give praise to Jesus, it makes you want to love him more.

Here’s some pictures from the event and a special video at the end – enjoy: