Man: More Than Meets the Eye

The above picture is a shot reveals part of our wonderful tech team from this morning.  Without these chipper souls, you wouldn’t know what to sing or see on Sunday mornings.  Our volunteers are the best due to their skills and their hearts!  What wonderful people I get to work with!

I got to get off the worship leading hiatus this morning.  January has been so weird for me.  I missed the last two Sundays due to other commitments, and I will miss next Sunday as well since I’m going to lead some breakout sessions at a college conference.  So I wanted to make today count – I missed it so much.  Even for a rainy day (which usually means low attendance and not as much energy), it was such an intense time of worship.  People were singing their hearts out!

Today, we worshiped to:

In the third doctrinal installment of “True[ish],” we focused on “Man: More Than Meets the Eye.”  Man is more than meets the eye. People are more than temporal beings. We will live forever, and we were made for a purpose, but that purpose is linked to the person of God.  Jeff did a fantastic job of reminding us of our helpless state.

The disagreement in our culture is this: are men basically good with the ability to do bad or basically bad with the ability to do good?  The biblical answer is that mankind is bad.  We have issues and we are in need of a Savior.  What a great day to remind ourselves of that we are nothing and God is everything!

Well, enough from me, what did you learn today?  What stuck out to you?

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  1. Yes, those tech team guys and gals behind the scenes are terrific! Thank you all! And thank you, Travis for being authentic and leading us every day, not just Sunday mornings.

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