The Holy Spirit: More Than a Feeling

What a great Sunday!  Even though we had some technical difficulties during the last service, it was such a special time of worship.  The smiling girls in the picture are of Autumn and Bridget Kennerly, John’s and Heather’s daughters.  The reason we didn’t have part of our band during the beginning is because these girls and a few others were getting baptized and for whatever reason the camera feed was lost.  So, even though we didn’t get to see it, we are so happy for all the people who got baptized today!  John’s comment afterwards was a great fatherly line, “I can die now in peace.”

Thanks to all who helped with a couple of audibles this morning.

The service focused on the Holy Spirit.  He is more than a feeling.  He isn’t an “it.”  He is alive and moving.  Jeff did such a great job at showing key biblical texts on the Holy Spirit.  Powerful stuff.  Listen to it!

Today, we worshiped to:

What did you learn today?  What was your takeaway?

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