I’m in a Holy Huddle (And I’m Proud of It)

My C-Group had a great time last night discussing the weekly topic of “Church: More Than a Building.”  We talked about what people wrongly assume is church (building, programs, activities, social club, etc.).  We talked about what killed local congregations (selfishness, wrong ways of evaluating progress, apathy, refusal to biblically confront, and biblically unfit leaders).

We got to the place where our doctrine of church was on – it is a body of people committed to God and each other expanding the Kingdom.  Most of us admitted some of our best church moments were not in a church building but in a booth at a restaurant with a friend investing in us.  Or at the home of someone who encouraged us to press on in Christ.  So if that is the church, how should we view that thing we do on Sunday mornings?  Or that time when we formally gather together as a community group?

I say we  bring the holy huddle back.  I don’t know when that became a negative connotation, but I believe it to be the best illustration of how we are to live together that I can think of.  In between the first down and the second down, the team huddles together with the enemy a safe distance away.  What happens in that huddle?

  • They evaluate weak things from the previous play
  • A leader calls out the next play
  • They all get on the same page
  • They separate united to run the next play

Can you think of a better way to view worship or community group times?  We gather together and evaluate where we fell short last week.  We confront those areas yet encourage that there is a chance at another play.  A leader directs us towards the biblical focus for the week.  We all get on the same page that we can do this together.  We leave the huddle but stay connected.  We leave united knowing we each have our own role to play our part on the team to advance the Kingdom of God down the field.  We are never isolated out there on the field.

This week, be the church.  All week long.

So what do you think?  Do you think most people come to church services : 1) to sit on the sidelines and spectate, or  2) to get in the huddle and do something?

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  1. 80/20 rule: 80% of the work of the church is done by 20% of the people. I think at Northside we don’t have that as bad, but I also know that our building seems to be an “in” place for the spectators to go on Sundays. And you know what? I’m glad! Those spectators seem to come to Northside and, through our awesome body of believers, Christ transforms them into much more than spectators! We have great leaders with great vision, but also have the patience to let the Holy Spirit and idividuals work together to bring about the transformation. Thanks for all that you guys do!

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