Public Worship vs. Private Devotion

This week’s worship training tip has to do with value #2: credibility – leading with integrity.

Never let your public worship exceed your private worship.

At my first Passion event years ago, I hear Beth Moore say that she never wanted her public worship to exceed her private worship.  She said that it is very easy to get excited about worship when others are around to see, but are we as excited when the only one noticing our worship is God?  She stated that sometimes she has such rich worship in our home that she has to close the blinds so the neighbors don’t call the police on her.

Here’s my questions for worship teams this week:

  • Have you spent as much time in private worship this week that you have in public worship?
  • Do you pray more on stage or in groups than you do in private?
  • Do you read more Scripture in church settings than you do on your own?
  • Would people see more exuberance in the way you sing songs on a stage or the way you wash dishes at home?

I love corporate worship, but I also think there is something special about when we do something that only God sees.  There is genuineness there.

There is something uniquely special about worship that only God sees.

Here’s the challenge: have a worship service this week in which the only two people are there – you and God.  You don’t have to learn guitar or piano to lead it, you just take God’s Word, and proclaim your love to Him.

Spend some time in worship this week with only God around before you lead others in worship.

2 thoughts on “Public Worship vs. Private Devotion”

  1. This reminder is such an inspiration to me to go deeper in my walk as well as being more consistent in my private devotion. My plate tends to be too full at times, and my eyes and mind tires before I give God HIS personal/private time.

  2. my thought is if you dont spend time in private worshipping the lord, how does one know how to do it public? my quiet time first thing in the morning is the the most important and rewarding part of my day

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