30 Days to Live: Be at Peace With God

Today was a special day at North Side!  Today’s initiative with 30 Days to Live: “Be at Peace with God.”

Since I was preaching today, I was excited and upset at our band this morning.  I was excited because they were awesome and they led us in worship.  I was upset because they are going to cause me to lose my job.  Everyone did great, but having the women’s trio of Angela, Amy, and Peggy lead us was so wonderful.  What’s even better is I know their hearts and their lives match their voices!

They led us with:

For the message, I prayed and studied a bunch.  It’s hard to awaken listeners in the Bible belt to the gospel message.  Sometimes we have heard it so much, we tune out to even those who are unsure if they are saved.  Today, my goal was to cause everyone to evaluate and see whether or not they are in the faith (2 Cor 13:5).

I don’t know a final count, but I rejoice at the people who became a Christian today for the first time.  Make sure you tell someone – even if it is me so we can rejoice with you and get you started down the next exciting steps!

I pray you learned a little today, but I pray you reflected a lot.  Even if today wasn’t your first time to become a Christian, I pray you were reminded of how great Jesus loved us!

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